Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

This is the tail end of the excitement from Dad's retirement. We ate Thanksgiving dinner at Oma and Papa's...


We ate more than green beans and macaroni and cheese, but I guess I didn't take any photos of that.

Celebrating (Dad's retirement)...

and with Gatorade.

Dessert time.

I like how all the males are helping in the kitchen.

Here's a time lapse of the clean up in the kitchen...just for fun.

We ate breakfast at Stearman's Bar and Grill, at Stearman Field, right outside of town. It's an airport with a pretty good restaurant and big ass fans.

We watched some small planes take off.

Some people we ate with...

The photo of Adam, Jake and Papa didn't come out...the lighting was glaring a bit.

The rest of the weekend we jumped over Oma and Papa's bushes...

And here it is in slow motion...

Took Ali for a walk. Played at the park.

Goofed off at home.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Retiring After 50 Years

After 50 years, dad is finally retiring! He's been talking about it for over a year now, and we all tell him he should.

I first heard of the announcement when Scott and I were in Las Vegas a few weeks ago.  #BreakingNews emails from the Wichita Business Journal and it was getting a lot of action of social media.

I guess it's a ** S P E C I A L  B U L L E T I N ** (that's how dad would write in an email or text when there was breaking news.)

Wichita Magazine named him Wichitan of the Year, he was featured in the National Press Photographer's Association magazine, and several times in locally publications.

Here's some photos of his last newscast. These were taken by the talented Travis Heying of the Wichita Eagle (more photos here). He was interviewed by several media outlets. It's a rarity to work at the same place for more than 50 years, especially in the television news industry.

We surprised him on the set right before the 10 pm newscast. (Jake and Steve were not in town yet).

And were even on TV!

KAKE named the Studio after renaming Studio A to Studio H.

What are his plans now? Oh, I'm sure he'll find something to do!

Other links:
In his own words
KPTS: Larry Hatteberg 50 Years at KAKE
KAKE: Last newscast
KMUW: Several segments
The Wichita Eagle and  Wichita Business Journal published a series of interviews and articles.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Poor Ali

When we adopted Ali, she had a cherry eye (which means part of her third eyelid protrudes outside her eye.) It's not life threatening, but we decided to get it fixed anyway.

This involves surgery. It's so sad when your little dog gets her arm shaved to she can have an IV.

And then she has to wear a stupid cone for TWO weeks! It's hard to go up and down the stairs and around corners because it kept getting caught. She would also limp up the stairs because her arm hurt.

Poor Ali.

And we had to put eye drops in her eyes two or three times a night.

It was almost like having another baby. At night, we had to make sure she didn't scratch her eye because the stitches could fall out.

Sunday, November 16, 2014


It snowed today. Which is really early for Kansas. Lucky for us, we had no plans, except for a much-needed trip to the grocery store and the noon Chiefs game.

It was snowing when we woke up. The official tally was 1.8 inches.

We are not sure if Ali has ever been out in the snow, but just like everything else, she was super excited it about it.

Adam earned $14 by shoveling the sidewalk and driveway.

Just for reference, the last time I remember it snowing in November was in 2007.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Las Vegas

Scott, Lisa and I took a quick trip to Las Vegas over Veteran's Day weekend. Lisa flew into Wichita a few days early to hang out. We hoped on the 9:45 p.m. plane Friday night and landed in Las Vegas at 11 p.m. or so Vegas time ( 1 a.m. our time).

I've been to Vegas six or seven times. The first time in the early 80s with my family. We stayed at Circus Circus and went to a Wayne Newton show which boasted a new "laser light show." The only thing I remember about this trip was that my Dad won $22 at a slot machine and I thought we had "won big."

In 1994 I went with my college sorority. It was our senior sneak. A bunch of 21 year old college girls? Enough said. This was my friends and I outside the Excalibur hotel.

Scott and I went in 1996 right after we got engaged. Everyone thought we were going to get married, and my Dad even offered us a large sum of money if we got married by Elvis. We didn't. This is the only picture I could find where we weren't eating.

Scott and I have gone two more times, I think. Scott spent several weeks out there working, and I flew out for the long President's Day weekend. I'm not quite sure of the year, but the boys were pretty little...Zach maybe two and Adam was three? We also went for our 10th anniversary with some friends who were celebrating their 5th anniversary. That trip would have been in 2007.

After this trip, I feel I'm getting too old for the constant activity, crowds, food, drinks. people and general chaos of Las Vegas.

This trip we stayed in a renovated hotel called The Linqs. The rooms were nice, but the hotel was under construction, so it was a bit noisy.

We arrived in Vegas around 11 p.m., and sadly, went straight to bed.

The next morning? First things first. Starbucks.

We walked around the strip, visited the hotels and drank sparkling wine for breakfast...because hey, it's Vegas, baby!

We met Scott and Lisa's Uncle David and ate dinner at the top of the Stratosphere. Scott and Lisa rode one of the rides at the top. No thanks. There were people bungee jumping off the side of the hotel. I guess they weren't satisfied with their meal.

From the top of the Stratosphere during the day.

Same view at night.

We visited the Hoover Dam and took the tour that went inside the power plant and inside the Dam. You could feel the vibration of water underneath your feet, and could hear it too. There were big turbine things that moved the water.

Inside the dam, we walked down long tunnels.

There were signs warning that if you get claustrophobic, you shouldn't go on the tour. The tour guide pointed out where inspectors had written notes on the walls of the dam. There were certain places where a never ending hole was just covered by a crude looking grate. I didn't really like to look down.

Here's how you get out in case the elevators inside the dam stop working.

Looking at the dam.

This is the view from inside the dam.

We stopped in the Pawn Stars Pawn Shop. Pawn Stars is a Reality TV show that airs on the History channel. We watch sometimes with the boys. None of the "cast" was there that day, but we did get to look around.

We ate lots of great food. I mentioned the restaurant and bar at the top of the Stratosphere...we also ate a place call Fix inside the Bellagio Hotel. I had the best baked potato ever and the order of macaroni and cheese sticks was to die for.

We did a little bit of gambling. Lisa and I played slots. Scott stayed at the Poker table.

More random photos...

This is in the Bellagio. They had a whole area was designed with flowers. They have a huge staff of gardeners just for this area.

That yellow thing behind us? It's a hot air balloon made with flowers.

A cute one of Scott and Lisa.

When we left Las Vegas it was 79 degrees and sunny. We landed in Wichita with 40 mph wind and it was 30 degrees. And when you land in Wichita, you have to walk outside to the gate. #firstworldproblem