Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Oklahoma City Weekend Trip

Over the first three-day weekend of 2012, we drove three hours south to Oklahoma City -- Bricktown. The hotel had a neat pool, so that was an extra bonus.

We went on a boat ride.

View from our hotel window...before I broke the curtains.
That restaurant on the corner is where we ate.
Crabtown. I had chicken.

Science museum was cool. 

We found the Lego table.

We felt a hurricane and played in a treehouse.

We built this tower.

And played a non-traditional pinball machine.

Scott got chosen to help in the Science Lab.

Table for giants.

Nice to see brothers working together.

We finally HAD to leave because the museum was closing. 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Soccer: Wichita Wings style

We had five soccer games last weekend. The boys played in four, one was a Wichita Wings game.

One of the boys' games was at Hartman Arena, on the same field that the Wichita Wings play on. It was a huge field compared to what they are used to for indoor soccer.


Wheathawks name in lights!





Halftime pep talk


Adam playing goal keeper

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Instagram: Instant Fun

Apple announced Instagram was its most downloaded app of 2011. With instagram, you apply filters to photos you have taken with your iPhone, creating a whole new feel to ordinary pictures.

Even President Obama uses Instagram (well, his staff does at least). 

And a few of my photos...

Adam at Oak Park. This picture uses the 1977 filter, one of my favorites. Maybe because I have photos from 1977, that don't need the filter applied.

Kansas sunset. This I took from the van window while driving 70 miles an hour!

Lego junkyard. Enough said.