Friday, August 3, 2007

Has it already been a month? I guess we have been busy with swimming, miniature golf, swimming, miniature golf, swimming, miniature golf, swimming, miniature golf, swimming, miniature get the idea!

Since Adam and Zach have been taking private swimming lessons, they have turned into little fish! This picture was taken at swimming lessons. At the beginning of the summer, Adam would wear his life jacket and still not swim around, only stay on the steps at the pool. Now, he says he does not need his life jacket, goes underwater and retrieves dive sticks and does the crawl stroke (as well as a 4 year old can). Zach still likes to wear his life jacket because then he can jump off the side and "make a big splash!" He does take it off sometimes and swims underwater. We were at the outdoor Y pools today and they both were swimming without their life jackets.

It's interesting to see their personalities--Adam knows his limits and doesn't like to take chances...even if I know he can do it. He got mad because I kept moving backwards while he was swimming to me...I knew he could swim farther than he was, but he didn't like it. We had a big trauma today because his goggles broke ("I can only swim WITH my goggles!"), but lo and behold, somehow he was STILL able to swim without them ("MOM! I'm swimming with NO goggles!") We are going tomorrow to get some more though...

And Zach--well, most of you know little Zach. The child of No Fear. Will try anything if I would let him. LOVES to jump in and see if he can touch the bottom of the pool. Will stay underwater for a long time and then pop up and say "Hi Mommy!" Loves to be thrown into the pool by an adult because you go farther and deeper. Not only swims in the pool, but runs, hops, jumps, punches, falls down and has every body part moving at all times. And is laughing the whole time.

Scott has introduced the boys to miniature golf. And I'm not just talking about a couple of every week, sometimes twice a week. My limit is once a month. I think I'm due for another round soon. They LOVE it. It's great entertainment because it's cheap, is exciting (Scott has made four hole-in-ones and both Adam and Zach have made one), and sometimes quite daring (how are we going to get the golf ball out of the water?). There's also cool little bridges and waterfalls. Zach likes to play ahead, practicing his swing and even moving the ball if it didn't quite go where it was supposed to. Adam plays by the rules...tells you who turn it is and keeps track of everything.