Saturday, January 5, 2013

House Remodel: Decisions

We moved into our house in 2004. It was a spec home, so the paint and carpet are basic. After nearly 10 years and two boys... it. is. time.

First, we decided to replace the carpet. Then I think we added on paint, and then since we were doing all that, we might as well get new living room furniture. We've had ours for at least 12 years, and within that 12 years, moved four times. We tacked on a new master bed frame too...our foot board is cracked from little boys using it as a balance beam and practicing their Olympic dismount off the end.

Adam is thrilled to be looking at furniture.


An AUTOMATIC recliner!

We chose a couch, swivel chair and ottoman. We chose LEAST favorite activity. We I chose fabric and paint colors.

Main house paint color: Sticks and Stones

Master bedroom paint color: Escape Gray
The boys chose a color to paint one of their walls (the rest is the Sticks and Stones color).

Zach chose sapphire sparkle.

Adam chose solar flare.

And no, we didn't get any recliners.

Next we have to remove everything from the walls, move all our furniture into the garage, remove all the carpet, prep to paint, paint, wait for carpet, get rid of old furniture (couch, love seat and king bed frame), install carpet, move all the furniture back into the house, put together new bed frame, and wait for our new couch and chair to arrive.

As if we didn't have anything else to do. We are not doing all this ourselves, but the "getting ready to paint and install new carpet" is enough hard labor for me.