Saturday, February 13, 2010


When they're not playing soccer, Adam and Zach are on the basketball court. Here's some pictures from their last few games.

Zach's Kindergarten team is the Wildcats.

Adam's first grade team, the Rockets. Adam is jumping, in blue, with the green wristband.



Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow Day

When I was a kid, a snow day was a rare celebration. We would wake up early and listen to the news to see if our school would be closed. We would scream in delight...SNOW DAY!

Now it seems that schools close even with the slightest tinge of white. Why is that? How do schools determine a snow day? It can't be that much different than 25 years ago, can it? So it snowed a couple of inches. Big whoop. Bundle up kids.

I won't talk about how, back in the 1980s, we put on our boots, donned hats and gloves and walked to school. In the snow.

Yesterday it snowed 4.5" in Wichita. The temperature was 32 degrees, and underneath the snow was slush, not ice. There was no blustery wind. In fact, it was really nice out...I was outside with hat and gloves, but no coat. The boys played outside for two hours.

But yet, school was closed.

Is it because the buses can't get maneuver the streets? How could they get through 25 years ago?

It is because our children have to stand in the cold at the bus stop? Can a parent not wait with them, maybe in the comfort of a warm car? I understand most parents work, but my kindergartner and first grader get on the bus at 7:45 am. Is it too much to tell an employer you'll be a few minutes late to ensure the safety of your child? Or is there a neighbor who can wait with them? Maybe I'm living in la-la land because I CAN wait and I know I can count on not one, but several neighbors to help out.

Are schools closed because administration is afraid of getting sued because a student was put into danger? It seems lately that parents are suing over the littlest thing. Schools have banned tag because someone fell down and got hurt. Well, guess what. You can't live in a bubble. Kids get hurt playing. It's a fact.

My child's job is to go to school. To learn to become a responsible, smart adult. What are we teaching our children when schools close because of a little snow? Learning to function in snow, sleet, and rain is part of life.

I'm not blaming school districts. I don't know the first thing about school policies. They have tough decisions to make all the time and they are not going to please everyone all of the time. I happen to think our school district is great and the teachers and administrators are top notch. Most importantly, my kids love going to school.

Maybe I'm just jealous because parents don't get snow days.