Sunday, March 27, 2011

Boys: Please Ski Responsibly

It's the second annual Dyer Ski Trip. The boys picked up right where we left off last year. We skied greens the first two days and all blues the second two days. Both Adam and Zach managed well, and much to my dismay, wanted to take all the tree trails.

Yes. Zach got stuck in a bush. After specifically saying, "do not go in those trees," he and Adam did just that...were skiing too close together, ran into each other and Zach wound up on his back with his skis above him in a bush. I was down on the *actual* trail, about eight feet below. I took my skis off, attempted to climb up to help him, but it was too steep. Well're on your own. He had to break some of the branches to get loose. Scott had conveniently decided to do one of his favorite blacks, so I was on my own with the boys. Zach had also told me earlier that day "you don't have to worry about me, I can take care of myself." Uh-huh.

Don't think Zach is the only child with ski issues. The next day I was taking a video. Out in the open. In my bright turquoise coat. In broad daylight. And Adam still managed to plow right into me. Here's the video to prove it.

(In case you can't see the video, here's the link:

Here are a few pics I took with my BlackBerry. (I failed to check the camera battery before I left. And between my phone and Flipcam, I was out of space for holding electronic devices anyway.)

It's a beautiful day to go skiing!
In the snowcat
Shawna and Marty were great hostesses, along with Sophie and Jake...and of course Zach's new best friend, Carlos the Cat.
We ate well (thanks to Chef Marty), slept well (thanks to the lovely accommodations of the Topor House) and skiied well (good weather, good snow).

Here's another little video (2 min) ... most is of the boys skiing, but also footage inside the snowcat, and the "Kitty Cat Parade." (That is when a big line of snowcats is coming up or down the mountain).
It is loud during the parade because we are inside "Marty's restaurant" watching.

(In case you can't see the video, here's the link:

PSA: This ski trip was made possible by the generous support of Shawna and Marty Topor!

Ski Trip 2010

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Celebrating 14 years of marriage with Charlie Sheen and Walmart

Remember when you were first married, and it was a big deal to go out and celebrate your anniversary? You got dressed up, went to a fancy restaurant or maybe even took a trip.

Scott and I celebrated 14 years on March 1. We watched a 20/20 interview with Charlie Sheen, and his train wreck of a life. Actually, before that, Scott took the boys to soccer practice and I folded laundry. Granted, it was a school night, so we couldn't really go out and get crazy.

We did celebrate last night...a Saturday date night. Dinner, movie....and Walmart. Yes, we went to Walmart*. We didn't want to go home before the kids were asleep (parents know what I mean), and we did have some grocery shopping to we spent some quality time at Walmart. On a Saturday night. Celebrating our anniversary.

I should mention that we were yawning at 7:30 pm.

Scott and I have gone out for nice dinners, or a weekend getaway for our anniversary. One time he even surprised me with a drive by of BTK's house. Then we watched a movie WHILE we ate dinner because we only had the babysitter for a limited time. So romantic.

Here we are March of 1998, around our first anniversary.
And here's the latest picture of us, taken a few months ago.
*Disclaimer: some of you may remember when I broke up with Walmart last year. I never said I gave up Walmart for was more of a way to vent my irritation with the big box store. I do still shop there...but I don't enjoy it.