Saturday, March 31, 2012

Eight Year Old Bucket List

Anyone see the movie "The Bucket List" from 2007? 

Here's the eight year old version: 

As you can see, he has done four of the seven things on his list. Not bad. I especially like the fifth one.

The last one says "Dump a bukket [sic] of water on someone's head." He informed me that he has "technically" done this...but it was really on someone's back so it doesn't count. It was during a soccer camp, and on the last day everyone poured water on the coaches.

There's room for one more...wonder what he'll decide to add? 

Monday, March 26, 2012

By The Numbers: Ski Trip 2012

3 vs 1
Number electronic devices I carried last year (3: BlackBerry, camera, flipcam) compared to number of devices I carried this year (1: iPhone -- does it all!)

Number of minutes it takes two certain people to warm up from skiing when it's 19 degrees. 

A brief video ...

Number of years it took for Scott to loosen up and realize we do not have to be ready at the chair lift when it opens. 

number of minutes it takes to ski from the top of the mountain (11,440 feet) to the base (8,100 feet), including two stops to retrieve lost poles. Total distance 6.37 miles. This picture was taken at 11,440 feet.
number of trails at Beaver Creek Resorts. The boys are plotting our next route.
Number of trails we took...over and over and over...
number of times I agreed to follow the boys on "paths" through the trees.

number of times I regretted following the boys on "paths" through the trees.

3:00 pm
time to get warm chocolate chip cookies at the base of the mountain.  
number of times this child got separated from the rest of the family on the mountain. 
The good news is that an eight year old is capable of skiing down the mountain by himself, taking his skis off and waiting at the designated area for an adult. This is proof that he was listening the hundred times we said "here's what you do if you get separated from us..."

number of minutes it takes to "get ready" to ski once we arrive at the slopes. 

Here's why: Park in a 10 minute loading space. Unload van. Carry four pairs each of of skis, poles, boots, goggles, and gloves; two helmets, two hats, four bottles of water, eight granola bars, and lip balm to ski racks. Help the boys put on 12 pound ski boots, break up a fight because someone said "your goggles aren't on right," secure gloves and go to the bathroom while Scott parks the van and gets lift tickets. The he takes four pairs of regular boots to a locker, while the rest of us get our skis on and wait patiently for him to return.

Cost of a tall hot chocolate from Starbucks.

Cost of basket of chicken fingers and fries, and a grilled cheese sandwich.

age in years of the only person I told "you are too close to the edge." 

View from the chair lift.