Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I'm still trying to figure out the spacing on this thing...

It was raining the other day so I let the boys go out and play in it. They thought it was neat to walk out with the umbrella. That lasted about 2 minutes...then they just wanted to get wet.

For Mother's Day I got 3 books: Chicken Soup for the Mother of Son's Soul, Clifford's Manners and Thomas the Train Trouble at the Docks (or something like that). Zach made me a flower magnet with his picture in the middle and Adam made me a butterfly placemat. Adam also made me a card at preschool with a fill-in-the-blanks of the sentences was "My mom is prettiest..." and Adam said "when she goes to work." So I asked him why he said that and he said because I wear nice clothes. So I guess T-shirt and jeans doesn't cut it with him.

They also had their preschool programs and sang songs and had an ice cream social. One of the papers they brought home was sheet filled out at the beginning of the year and then at the end. Zach grew 2 inches and gained no weight (he's 38" and 30 lbs). Adam grew 2 inches and gained 3 pounds (39.5" and 36 lbs).

One of the projects the preschool has them do is build something out of blocks and then say what it is. Adam said "a bank and recycle center, and you can even put juice in it." Zach said "it's a building."

Zach's teacher asked him if his Grandpa (my dad) was on TV. He said " yours?"

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

OK-so I'm still trying to figure this thing out...I can't quite get the pictures to do what I want them to do, but I guess this will have to do for now!

A few funny things that have happened lately:

We went to each lunch with Scott at Wendy's last Friday. There was a man in line who had a long beard and was bald. Zach, in his LOUD 3-year old voice says, "that man has a lot of hair coming out of his chin. But he doesn't have any on his head!" Luckily the man laughed.

Adam celebrated his summer birthday at preschool today. He picked out spiderman plates and cups and we made chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting and sprinkles. Normally the students get to wear a birthday crown, but Adam didn't want to wear it. Which is funny, because it reminded me of when I was in preschool--I didn't want the class to sing "Happy Birthday" to me or to wear or do anything that would call extra attention to me.

When the teacher asked him what he was thankful for today he said "cookies and juice!" I took Zach out of his class so he could eat with Adam. I think he thought he was pretty neat!