Sunday, October 30, 2011

Walter's Pumpkin Patch

[Related post from our visit to Walter's Pumpkin Patch in 2009. Even though it was just two years ago, the boys look so little!]

Some of our favorite activities this year:

Who doesn't love a bag swing?
 "Sledding" down the hill and through the tunnel.
Scott and the boys (yes, even Scott sled down the hill.)
 Pumpkin slingshots.
 It's hard to peddle, so let's enlist the help of my little brother.
Corn maze.
Mining for gold.
Me and my boys.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Adam's Life so Far

Adam reflects on his life, his family and future goals. He said he had to present this to his class.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Life of a soccer mom

6:00 am: Get up. Soccer uniforms, shinguards, socks, cleats, water, snacks, umbrella, chairs, blankets, portable grill and coffee.

7:00 am: Scott and Adam leave.

7:30 am: Mom picks up Zach and I.

8:00 am: Adam's first game (one of four today, one of eight this weekend). It's a bit chilly and I did not dress appropriately. High today said 85. Although sunny, at least for part of the game, it's not 85. It's windy too. While taking pictures, my chair blows over, spilling my coffee. Not a good start to the day.

Pictures below of Adam's team, U-9 Wheathawks (in black).
9:25 am: Zach's first game (two of four). Pictures below of Zach's team, U-8 Wheathawks (in black).
I snapped the cute picture below after Zach scored a goal. 
Coach Scott addressing the team.

11:00 am: Tailgate party with the U-9 and U-8 Wheathawks teams. Sky looks dark.

12:15 pm: Game #2 - Adam (three of four). I think it starts to rain. I did not bring jackets for the boys, so Zach is wearing mine and I borrowed one from Pam.

1:40 pm: Game #2 - Zach (four of four today, four of eight this weekend). Still raining. Everyone and everything is wet.

3:30 pm: Home.


6:00 am: Get up. Soccer uniforms, shinguards, socks, cleats, water, snacks, jackets, umbrella, chairs, blankets, portable grill and coffee. This time I take jackets and dress with more layers. High of 65 today, and rain.

7:00 am: Scott and Adam leave.

7:30 am: Pam, Wayne, Zach and I leave.

8:00 am: Adam's game (one of four today, five of eight this weekend). It's raining. The ground is muddy, slooshy and soggy. This time I have a jacket and somewhat waterproof pants. Doesn't help much. Zach is told many times to leave the umbrella open or closed, do not open it around people, and please watch where you are going when holding it.

9:15 am: Pam, Adam and I head home. (Scott, Wayne and Zach stay to hang out in the car.) Put dirty, smelly soccer socks, shirts and shorts in the dryer. No time to wash AND dry. (Note to self: if you put stinky, damp socks in the dyer, your dryer will end up smelling like stinky HOT socks). Adam changes into dry pants and long sleeve shirt. Newspapers in cleats to soak up the water. I change socks and dig out my winter boots, the only waterproof ones I have.

10:15 am: Back to the soccer fields.

10:50 am: Zach's game (two of four). It's raining.

11:45 am: It's raining. Fire up the grill for burgers and dogs. Try and keep everything dry. Help Zach change into dry pants and shirt. Hang out in the car and amuse ourselves for two hours.

1:40 pm: Adam's game-Championship (game three of four). Rain seems to have let up. It's a nail biter, and goes into overtime. The U-9 Wheathawks defeated 2-1, take second place in the tournament.

3:30 pm: Arrive home. More drying of uniforms and fans pointed at wet shoes. I change my socks (again.) And Adam changes into dry clothes (again). More laundry.

5:20 pm: Zach's game (four of four today, eight of eight this weekend). Steady rain and chilly, but the boys don't seem to mind. The U-8 Wheathawks take second place in the tournament (no championship game for this age group).

6:30 pm: Home.

I need a weekend to recover from the weekend.