Thursday, June 30, 2016

Random Washington DC Photos

At the KCI airport.

Mr. Biggs!

Sicily and Tanner!

Some game the boys played outside. Kinda like horseshoes I think?

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Arlington Cemetery

The last time I was at Arlington Cemetery was August 2003, 8 months pregnant and with a one-year old.  The one thing that didn't change was that it was blazing hot!

This time, we toured the Women's Memorial which honors servicewomen.

Watching the Changing of the Guard.

Here's the history behind the Changing of the Guard.

Memorial Amphitheater.

I definitely got my 10,000 steps in today. Rows and rows...

We then had a picnic dinner at a park near the Reagan National Airport where we could watch the planes take off and land (every 30 seconds - we counted).  Cool...and loud.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

National Harbor

We took a water from taxi from Alexandria, VA across the bay to National Harbor, MD. 

Our first stop was a ride on the Capital Wheel.

Inside the capsule!

We checked out the Gaylord Resort and then looked around the town, making a stop here.

For dinner, Korean fried chicken!

Monday, June 27, 2016

Washington DC Museums

Spy Museum!

Four floors of mystery, cool gadgets and spy tricks!

Like this trick - I asked Zach to take a picture of the rest of us. Instead he took of picture of himself. Sly dog!

At the beginning of the museum, everyone choose an "alter ego" spy. At the end of the museum, you had to answer questions to see if you remembered everything about your alter ego. I wasn't a very good spy.

Sneaking through a spy tunnel!

Some people in our house would not make very good spies.

Figuring out the code.


Being a spy makes us hungry. On to Carmine's Italian Restaurant where they serve you family style. Yum-o.

On to the Smithsonian - Air and Space Museum.

Saturn's Aft end.

Making sure his phone is identical to the atomic clock.

Fountains at the Sculpture Gardens.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Spa time and Baseball

Today we split up boys and girls. The boys went to a Orioles baseball game and we went to brunch and then to a Korean Spa. Ever been to a Korean Spa? Me neither.

First, Lisa took Pam and I to The Goodstone Inn, about an hour drive. It's in Middleburg, VA, nestled in the hills. So pretty!

Our waiter was quite prim and proper. The brunch was a three-course meal with a mimosa or Bloody Mary. I chose eggs and petit steak and when I asked how the eggs were cooked, he put his nose in the air and said something like "poached, of course." I don't care for poached eggs so I asked for scrambled and he sniffed like he disapproved of my selection.

It was delicious! After, we headed to Spa World, a huge Korean-style spa with pools for each gender, massage options, the "poultice rooms," juice bar and cafe, and workout center.

Upon check-in everyone gets the same outfit: drab tunic and shorts. Orange for women. Yellow for men. We head to the locker room. Inside the locker room women are naked like it's no big deal. Yeah - it's a big deal! Going nude is not mandatory, unless you are going to the pool area. Whew!

We all got hour long foot massages by Korean mean who don't speak much English and tell us we need more sleep when we grimace because they press too hard on our feet.

Then we headed to the spa's main room where people are just "hanging out." There are seven poultice rooms...small spaces...all different temperatures with different stones or minerals to help your mind, body and spirit. The coldest was 50-something degrees and icy. The hot ones were 120-160 degrees, I think.

This was the red clay ball room. It's benefits are "general well-being."

Sporting our uniforms.

The Amethyst room. I think it was the hottest, around 160 degrees. I lasted about five minutes. But some people in there looked like they were sleeping!

Besides the clay ball and amethyst, the other poultice rooms were salt (discharges impurities from the body, heals the bone, maintains resiliency of skin, etc), charcoal, blue onyx, ice, and red clay, each with different benefits.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Friday, June 3, 2016


Zach's turn to get contacts!

For reference, his prescription is -5.25.

Adam's prescription is -5.50.

Mine is -9.0.

Scott has surgery so he doesn't count anymore.