Sunday, June 27, 2010

Parents: Just say no

Articles like this in the LA Times amaze me:

McDonald's faces lawsuit over Happy Meals

An organization is suing McDonald's saying that having toys in its Happy Meals contribute to childhood obesity by luring young children to the unhealthy food offered at their restaurants.

That's very interesting considering a child must be driven there by an adult who also pays for their food. Parents are responsible for what goes into the mouths of their children. So, hey parents, how about you just say no?

My boys ask a lot to go to McDonald's. Occasionally we go, but most of the time I say no for a variety of reasons. If we do eat there, most of the time I make them split fries and apple dippers (without the caramel) and drink white milk. Do the whine for chocolate milk or soda? Yes. Do they whine for ice cream for dessert? Yes. Do they whine that they want a toy? Yes.

But guess what. I'm the parent. What I say goes. Yes, it's annoying. Yes, it's what kids do. But come on people, blaming McDonald's for childhood obesity? McDonald's is not responsible for your child, YOU are.

I'm not advocating for McDonald's. The food is not healthy. But it's unreasonable to think you can avoid eating there. But there are choices...apples instead of fries. Hamburger instead of cheeseburger. Milk. Or better yet, save calories and money and eat at home.

Monday, June 14, 2010

I sound like a broken record

Remember this post: Why is there underwear in the CD player (or things I thought I would never do or say until I had children)?

Here's another list: Things I say every day (maybe not EVERY day, but it sure seems like it).

I can't hear you when you whine.

Please stop pushing buttons.

Just find something to wear.

Please don't ask me again.

You know, regular kids are still asleep.

No, you can not watch a move.

No, you cannot play the Wii.

No, you cannot get on

No, you cannot have a piece of candy for a snack.

Milk or water?

I don't know what we're going to do today.

Remember, in the morning when we are all getting ready to go is not a good time to ask me to take a picture of your Lego creation and upload it to your Lego Gallery.

Did you flush?

Did you wash your hands?

Because I said.

When you are an adult you can have as many cookies as you want.

That's too loud.

You need to be asleep right now (this is only said to Zach).

I don't need to know that.

Let Zach answer (only said to Adam).

I'm talking right now.

I'm on the phone right now.

Boys...[insert Mom warning voice]

Is everyone buckled?

Find something to do or I will give you chores.

Turn around, sit on your bottom, and eat your food.

That's not good manners.

Remember how we talked about personal space? You're invading mine.

Good night, sweetie pie.