Tuesday, July 29, 2008

This is too funny not to write about.

Zach has a ceiling fan and light in his room that is controlled by a remote control (for when he was younger, and couldn't reach the light switch, he could still turn his light on and off). Today while they were "resting," Adam secretly sneaked into Zach's room and took the remote control. He went back to his room and was turning Zach's light on and off and the fan on high, and then low, and then off, etc.

It too a while for Zach to figure why his light and fan were acting so crazy. Next thing I know, Zach is screaming Adam's name over and over and yelling, "Stop doing that!", and is all up in arms because his light "is going on and off and the fan is on high!"

I look over at Adam's room and he's at the door, which is open just a crack, and he's trying so hard not to laugh (I, too, am trying to control myself). So I tell Adam that it is not a nice thing to do and that he needed to give back Zach's remote control.

Just another way to torment your little brother, I guess.

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Nicholle said...

oh I LOVE that.. Adam breaking the rules..